The Habit of Artmaking

Art needs to be found and shared. Some people will spend a year working on the same artwork. It becomes a part of them. They can’t bear to part with their work or will ask so much to purchase the work that they know it will never sell.

Documenting your work is so important. If you work sells at an opening you still have the memory of the artwork. Document as you go. This way if you overdo it as you are creating you can reference back. If you can’t save it there is always the memory.

Don’t automatically give away art to friends or as presents. It’s sometimes not the best option. It puts a burden on your friends. They may see it as a keepsake of your friendship. These days, unless they definitely like a specific artwork, ask before giving. Have a strategy up your sleeve so that they can either hand it back or give it to someone else. I get sad when I see my work hiding in a cupboard. I will find a home if you don’t need it anymore.