As hormones explode like balloons freshly stomped by teenage partygoers you storm off

Teenage angst I hear your cry. You tempted me with your fresh knowledge untested by life’s setbacks. I knew better but I was miserable. I walked away from a parent’s love so as not to disappoint them further. 

Roll the years forward a generation…

Now I hear of you my darling niece. I feel your anger as if it were a forgotten love song. In a world where hormones explode like balloons freshly stomped by teenage partygoers you storm off. Do you know how much you are loved my darling? 

#Poetry – True Grit

Nan’s bones were so brittle, hard surfaces were her enemy. She moves with her walker with absolutely no symmetry. Nan reasons it’s safer to be home alone. It’s safe and secure her castle, her throne. 

Family and friends would visit and fear, that this sweet loving grandma that they all held so dear, was wasting away in her homely cocoon. She needs to get out and we think…soon. 

(Read fast) Let’s go to the park. Let’s set up a table. Let’s get grandma organised she’s still with it, still able. She’ll get to see kids run round and play. Let’s get her out, yes lets sort it today.

Nan watches in terror as the kids zip around. She fears for her footing which just isn’t that sound. But Nan bless her soul won’t show her fear. She smiles, is pleasant, as family is dear.


For Nan

We all have different lenses of how we see the world. It’s the same with family. Seniors share of their concerns with me of being out and about and how scary it can be for them sometimes. Noone would ever know.They are amazing. Such true grit.

Feature image photo by Edu Carvalho at Pexels – Woman Standing Near Yellow Petalled Flower

#Poetry – That nasty curveball

Can you see it coming around the bend?
It's that nasty little curveball that you've learnt to depend.
Have you made a mistake no matter how small?
Then whoosh, there it goes, that nasty curveball.

It will have you in a panic and no thought will be clear
But hey, just relax there's nothing to fear.
No need to say sorry again and again.
Just take a deep breath and count to ten.  

For when you panic that pitcher smells fear.
They know you'll be flustered and just not thinking clear.
They'll polish that ball and throw it once more.
Convinced it's a 'no brainer' and they'll score all the more.

So sort out that curveball and give it a great whack.
Whack it out of the stadium until you lose track.
Get the tools that you need to put your score on the board.
No chance for that curveball to get you no more!


For Andrea

Art Design – That Nasty Curveball – DEE GRANT – 2020

#Poetry – Don’t forget to breathe!

When things get overwhelming and there’s nothing good in sight, sometimes you need a win I say to help you through the shite.

It doesn’t matter the situation or how much you might feel down, sometimes you need a little win I say to  turn that frown around.

When your health might be struggling and your heart is full of fear, it’s then I’ll share a little tip to wipe away those tears.

Sometimes you need a win I say no matter how small that win may be, a smile from a stranger, a tip or remedy. In lifes topsy turvy pathway sometimes it’s hard to see, so keep an eye out for that win and dont forget to breathe.


Art Design – Pink Funky Flowers – Dee Grant