Orange beams that chase the moon

I think of you while you're away
and as night dances on the day
and failing light segments are strewn
as orange beams that chase the moon

I think of you as silhouettes
can etch the land as day forgets
and blue, then red, once more regress
and night presents its sweet caress


This is a rewrite of the poem I wrote earlier called Night Presents it’s Sweet Caress. I’ve been reading a couple of articles to improve my rhyming style.


E.L Literature (2021)“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost — EL.Literature – Form, Meter, Rhyme in ‘Formal’ Poetry

Masterclass (2020)


#Poetry – Elevate from noisy spheres

It is in silence I create, I can decipher, I can relate
Random gems of unknown purity, bubble up from deep obscurity
Bubbling up clear unfettered, not encased in tunes so lettered

I know the silence that you seek, a place to ponder a place to speak
Not with words that close your mind, but open pathways all entwined
For in this place you can create, you can reflect, you can debate

And when all thoughts have quietened down, and questions lose their tensioned frown
You elevate from noisy spheres, and find that space set free from fear
A masterpiece is what you paint, random sketches of a saint.


Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels

#Poetry – Counting Sheep

So wide awake from blissful slumber. It’s noise again just pick a number!

Barking dogs, reversing truck, an ambo’s siren wish them luck. All blend to make the drummers beat, the city’s soul, the city’s streets.

This city beats a noisy drum, of sirens, cars, its song goes on.

And so I lay as if to rest and find it’s noise a sweet caress and spend some time just ‘counting sheep’ until at last I fall asleep.

Last night I woke to the sound of two apartment blocks being evacuated at 3 in the morning. Poor buggers. Two fire alarms going off and a fire truck on the approach. Then wide awake I waited.


  • Counting sheep – a very common phrase. Refers to when you have trouble falling asleep. You mentally count sheep in your head.

#Poetry – Why artists paint

It’s colour, it’s form, it’s shade and technique. It’s the artist personified, original, unique!

We’re all just creative and passionately draw. We’ll draw on your woodwork, your wall or your door. Just give the OK and we’ll be there today, drawing pictures and paintings ’til the day gets away.

Did you want a commission? We can help you with that. We’ll pull out our paints and put on our hat. With berets in place we’ll draw up the plan. We’ll sort out the colours cause you know that we can.

At the end we’ll stand back with arms folded and beam. It’s no longer blank space…it’s an artists dream.


#Poetry – Blood Sucking Monsters

I read today that mozzies love sweat, smells of floral, and beer…you bet. If water hangs ’round more than a week. There’ll be out by the hundreds. The outlook is bleak!

Cause they’ll get you at sunset or sunrise if they can. They’ll breed in still water a saucepan or pan. Bet your sick of them buzzing and biting. It’s shite! So how can you stop those bites in the night.

If your aircon drips water when its working away, drop in oil or vinegar or empty that tray. Put wet sand round your plants if you must use a saucer, no bird baths or dog bowls if that water gets older. You don’t want it stagnant and hanging around,  keep it moving and fresh or they’ll feel safe and sound. Then there’s herbs, and nets, and bug spray you bet. Potions old potions new, you’d think we’d be set.

Those blood sucking monsters won’t see no reason, there still licking their lips as they wait for that season.


Sick of hitting you head as you try to swat that mozzie? I love putting facts to rhyme so I thought I’d throw this one together. They say there is a mosquito plague in Sydney at the moment so ‘fat chance’ I’ll get it sorted with so many apartments next to me. ‘Not sure it will make a scrap of difference’ but I guess it’s ‘worth a crack’.


Phrase meaning

  • Fat chance – Not much chance
  • Not sure it will make a scrap of difference – Not sure it will make any difference
  • Worth a crack – Worth trying

#Poetry – Fall and leaves and Christmas trees

Fall and leaves and Christmas trees have things in common if you please. For I  was spinning on a chair, lost my balance, landed there.

My fall was on a Christmas tree. It’s baubles were a part of me. With twinkling stars within my hair, I knew it saved me from despair.

It was so soft with leaves of green, it didn’t hurt no bruise was seen. Fall and leaves and Christmas trees now twinkling stars are part of me. 

Photo by willsantt on

Wonder how Santa feels falling down a chimney all the time? This sweet little musing is based on a fall I had when visiting friends a few years ago.

#Poetry – As you write the moon glows

My best thoughts are in the clear of the night. Away from noise and garish light. I type away, keep sleep at bay, and reflect upon life’s everyday. 

This rhyme is for you fellow traveller, for I know as you write the moon glows. You reflect on all that should matter, as your words sing soft tunes as you go. 

Sleep well fellow traveller for tomorrow, we shall share our new tune for the day, and reflect on all that should matter, for this tune is our everyday.



So I wrote this last night amongst a string of musings. I know I am not alone. There is a quietness here that provides clarity. I wonder if that is where people write their best work. If so there must be alot of tired writers out there.

#Poetry – Pop Up Fashionista

She has the latest fashion, soft linen by the score. So classy yet she got it from her local pop up store.

She is just so excited cause they have the tags and all. They’re the best of factory seconds much cheaper than the mall.

There’s hats and shoes and trinkets all carefully displayed, so she’ll get the latest bargains just as soon as she gets paid. 

She’s a pop up fashionista with a total sense of style. She can show you a great bargain and she does it with a smile.

I was checking out a pop up clothing store yesterday. Not my gig but was amazed how busy it was. I get it. Grabbing a bargain gives you a bit of a buzz. What is it called? Shopping therapy.

#Poetry – Clarity of Reason

I’m paralyzed with indecision. It affects my every move. I can’t make that decision, just can’t get in the groove. 

It’s worse when it affects the ones I love. I just have to be so sure, that I’ve researched every angle, researched it to the core.

I want clarity of reason so if it falls apart, I know I’ve done the best I can for those close to my heart.


Do you consider yourself a procrastinator? Maybe your really an analyzer like me. You like facts so you can make an informed decision. I did a course on behavioural flexibility years ago. The course highlighted the basic ways people relate in their world. It made me appreciate that for some people they need to research before they make a decision.