#Poetry – Counting Sheep

So wide awake from blissful slumber. It’s noise again just pick a number!

Barking dogs, reversing truck, an ambo’s siren wish them luck. All blend to make the drummers beat, the city’s soul, the city’s streets.

This city beats a noisy drum, of sirens, cars, its song goes on.

And so I lay as if to rest and find it’s noise a sweet caress and spend some time just ‘counting sheep’ until at last I fall asleep.

Last night I woke to the sound of two apartment blocks being evacuated at 3 in the morning. Poor buggers. Two fire alarms going off and a fire truck on the approach. Then wide awake I waited.


  • Counting sheep – a very common phrase. Refers to when you have trouble falling asleep. You mentally count sheep in your head.

#Poetry – Wait out the dusk

I walk as though the night was walking. Smooth darkness splattered with bright stars and subtle light.

What brings you here oh walker?

It is the gift of quietness, of soul, of reflection, of gentleness away from bright skies.
For day is full and bright and crowded. It’s many roads a distraction. Bring quiet lights and gentle purpose. Wait out the dusk.