Orange beams that chase the moon

I think of you while you're away
and as night dances on the day
and failing light segments are strewn
as orange beams that chase the moon

I think of you as silhouettes
can etch the land as day forgets
and blue, then red, once more regress
and night presents its sweet caress


This is a rewrite of the poem I wrote earlier called Night Presents it’s Sweet Caress. I’ve been reading a couple of articles to improve my rhyming style.


E.L Literature (2021)“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost — EL.Literature – Form, Meter, Rhyme in ‘Formal’ Poetry

Masterclass (2020)


On the Tube – by Charlotte Smith

Today my young guest rhymer, Charlotte Smith, shares the things she enjoyed on her recent summer holiday.

As the seagulls squalk, and the pelicans soar, the dolphins swim and the sharks are seen no more

As the dingos roar and the boats go rumble, we go on the tube and take a tumble.

I’ve done a few flips, I’ve had a few flops, but never will I ever forget this awesome shot.