#Poetry – Elevate from noisy spheres

It is in silence I create, I can decipher, I can relate
Random gems of unknown purity, bubble up from deep obscurity
Bubbling up clear unfettered, not encased in tunes so lettered

I know the silence that you seek, a place to ponder a place to speak
Not with words that close your mind, but open pathways all entwined
For in this place you can create, you can reflect, you can debate

And when all thoughts have quietened down, and questions lose their tensioned frown
You elevate from noisy spheres, and find that space set free from fear
A masterpiece is what you paint, random sketches of a saint.


Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels

#Poetry – That nasty curveball

Can you see it coming around the bend?
It's that nasty little curveball that you've learnt to depend.
Have you made a mistake no matter how small?
Then whoosh, there it goes, that nasty curveball.

It will have you in a panic and no thought will be clear
But hey, just relax there's nothing to fear.
No need to say sorry again and again.
Just take a deep breath and count to ten.  

For when you panic that pitcher smells fear.
They know you'll be flustered and just not thinking clear.
They'll polish that ball and throw it once more.
Convinced it's a 'no brainer' and they'll score all the more.

So sort out that curveball and give it a great whack.
Whack it out of the stadium until you lose track.
Get the tools that you need to put your score on the board.
No chance for that curveball to get you no more!


For Andrea

Art Design – That Nasty Curveball – DEE GRANT – 2020

#Poetry – Don’t forget to breathe!

When things get overwhelming and there’s nothing good in sight, sometimes you need a win I say to help you through the shite.

It doesn’t matter the situation or how much you might feel down, sometimes you need a little win I say to  turn that frown around.

When your health might be struggling and your heart is full of fear, it’s then I’ll share a little tip to wipe away those tears.

Sometimes you need a win I say no matter how small that win may be, a smile from a stranger, a tip or remedy. In lifes topsy turvy pathway sometimes it’s hard to see, so keep an eye out for that win and dont forget to breathe.


Art Design – Pink Funky Flowers – Dee Grant

#True story: Spit and gargle language

When I was eight I fell off the slippery dip at the park and snapped my front teeth in half. Mom in tears to show her and thus began my dental journey. Going to the dentist, it ‘scares the living daylights out of me’. It’s nothing personal. My teeth just have a history. The latest, getting an implant. Next time don’t fall down the front stairs and crack your tooth!

I think that what had me ‘gobsmacked’ was how many people I know took great pleasure in reminding me of how painful, and expensive, it will be to have an implant. Yeah thanks guys. So I was ‘chuffed’ when one of my mates referred me to someone she’d used in the past. “I didn’t feel a thing” she said. Thanks luv! I don’t care that it might not be exactly true. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes you need something like that to ‘set the wheels in motion’ and it’s not that good dentist’s are ‘rare as hens teeth’ but more that when you move to a new suburb your ‘going in blind’. Horror stories going around and around in your head as you remember that needle coming out of your mouth bent and bloody from when you were a kid. How deep did they go?

A good dentist not only does a great job but they make you feel like everything will be OK. They are ‘right on the money’. There’s always going to be prodding and poking or times when your jaw just locks up. When you have that really good dentist. Now they’re the ones who also have this uncanny ability of being able to understand exactly what you say when your mouths full of plastic and metal and cotton. Man how do they do that? Feels like they do professional development on spit and gargle language, or something like that.

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to have dental care that is so good ‘in this day and age’ . I take solace in knowing it was only early last century when they used to pull all your teeth out. You could get your very own dentures. It was even a gift some people got for their wedding present. ‘I shudder to think’.

Phrase or idiom meaning
  • Scares the living daylights out of me – feel extremely scared
  • Gobsmacked – so surprised you can’t speak
  • Chuffed – very pleased
  • Set the wheels in motion – to start a process
  • Rare as hen’s teeth – hens don’t have teeth, rare, non-existent
  • Going in blind – no previous knowledge of
  • Right on the money – accurate, correct
  • In this day and age – this present time
  • I shudder to think – something not pleasant to think about