#Poetry – Elevate from noisy spheres

It is in silence I create, I can decipher, I can relate
Random gems of unknown purity, bubble up from deep obscurity
Bubbling up clear unfettered, not encased in tunes so lettered

I know the silence that you seek, a place to ponder a place to speak
Not with words that close your mind, but open pathways all entwined
For in this place you can create, you can reflect, you can debate

And when all thoughts have quietened down, and questions lose their tensioned frown
You elevate from noisy spheres, and find that space set free from fear
A masterpiece is what you paint, random sketches of a saint.


Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels

#Poetry – Don’t forget to breathe!

When things get overwhelming and there’s nothing good in sight, sometimes you need a win I say to help you through the shite.

It doesn’t matter the situation or how much you might feel down, sometimes you need a little win I say to  turn that frown around.

When your health might be struggling and your heart is full of fear, it’s then I’ll share a little tip to wipe away those tears.

Sometimes you need a win I say no matter how small that win may be, a smile from a stranger, a tip or remedy. In lifes topsy turvy pathway sometimes it’s hard to see, so keep an eye out for that win and dont forget to breathe.


Art Design – Pink Funky Flowers – Dee Grant