Shout out thank you

I just want to do a big shout out thank you to all those Pexels Free Photos and Google Photos people who submit pics that we all can use free of charge.  In this time of celebration I want to thank you for providing brilliant creations to make my stories pop. Always remember awesome photos can make people click on your story.

Special mention for 2021 to;

  • Photo by Pixabay on for your juke box photo
  • Photo by Fiona Art on for bright and colourful abstracts
  • Photo by Daria Rem on for her goofy guy walking up the street with snorkels and flippers. Hilarious!
  • Photo by Jacob Kelvin.J on
  • Photo by Jack Geoghegan on for his close up of a dog shaking off water. That really set the mood for that poem
  • Photo by cottonbro on who could forget the pic of being covid safe wearing a plastic box over your head…How fitting
  • Photo by Chrofit the man to call on at Pexels a little girl blowing out candles on her birthday cake
  • Photo by Bruno Cantuária from Pexels for closeups of bright old fashioned phones

Photo by Daria Rem on

#Art – Salvaging Disasters

How do you turn something that you think doesn’t look OK into something that you can use?

As an artist there are times that you just aren’t inspired. I sometimes have a spare canvas to muck around with in the meantime. Let that other painting dry. Don’t make it worse.

Document as you go 

I always bang on about making sure you document your work as you go. There are times where you won’t be inspired. You will just want to throw the work away. You think it’s no good. You might even want to slap some gesso over it and start again. If you document as you go there is always some design element that will fly. Some great designs and abstractions come out of the ashes.

Salvaging your disasters

We live in an age of technology. You can make all kinds of changes to your work digitally. You might have Photoshop, you might not. It doesn’t matter. There is still a creative element that can be salvaged.

Take this one for example. Lost in the Forest. It’s nothing to write home about. I was mucking around.

Salvaging Lost in the Forest – Acrylic on Canvas – 2017 – Dee Grant

Now cropped and enhanced I am already seeing with different eyes. The gold is more pronounced in the flowers. It almost looks like something you could put in a children’s book. Sure it still needs reworking but now I can see something worthwhile. What else can be salvaged?

1. I am now going to seriously crop out a section (image 1).

2 I will then put it into Photoshop for a basic crackle pattern (image 2).

I have also seen some Word programs that you can play around with images like this.

#Art – Charity Christmas Card with Timeline

This is how I went about getting published on a charity Christmas Card.

Sketching strategy

I love how kids play dress ups. We used to have stage shows on the back patio when I was a kid. That was the impetus. With dad being a classical pianist I thought a Christmas Conductor was a nice touch.

Christmas in Australia is just a little different from the northern hemisphere. It’s hot! I wanted something that had an Australian feel. Thats why my Christmas Conductor in the final illustration is wearing shorts.

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