The jab

I take a small risk for the sake of our community, our nation, our world. So excuse me if I was befuddled. You caught me unawares. I looked up to your generation like a child. Through your words I see we are not on the same page. 

Everyone has their own opinion but I can’t help looking at what is happening in the world. It brings tears to my eyes. Getting the jab? That’s a small contribution. I guess I was surprised when a stranger in their 70’s advised they are waiting for a different vaccine to come along. Their choice but I definitely see things through a different lens. This Delta variant…well it spreads like wildfire. We went into lockdown again a few weeks ago.

Stay safe everyone. Thinking of you all.

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#Poetry – The virus redefines

In these pandemic days with the numbers here so low, we forget our new normal and relax into the flow. That addictive flow of laughter a flow of catch ups and good times, yet lurking in the background that virus redefines.

It’s killing people in the thousands far from our island shores, but all we get is petty now with distancing a chore. Its been a week since I wore a mask, friends try to kiss hello, but I bark “keep your distance”, and that flow of camaraderie goes.

Inside my guts are churning and my mind is full of fear, that I could expose unwittingly the ones I love so dear. What if in haste I made a mistake? One I’d just regret. Not something thought out or intended but the consequence…just dread.

So excuse me now my lovelies, let’s wait until the storm has passed. I’ll safely then embrace you with a happiness that lasts.


#Poetry – That nasty curveball

Can you see it coming around the bend?
It's that nasty little curveball that you've learnt to depend.
Have you made a mistake no matter how small?
Then whoosh, there it goes, that nasty curveball.

It will have you in a panic and no thought will be clear
But hey, just relax there's nothing to fear.
No need to say sorry again and again.
Just take a deep breath and count to ten.  

For when you panic that pitcher smells fear.
They know you'll be flustered and just not thinking clear.
They'll polish that ball and throw it once more.
Convinced it's a 'no brainer' and they'll score all the more.

So sort out that curveball and give it a great whack.
Whack it out of the stadium until you lose track.
Get the tools that you need to put your score on the board.
No chance for that curveball to get you no more!


For Andrea

Art Design – That Nasty Curveball – DEE GRANT – 2020