#Poetry – For better for worse must drive him insane

My husband is stuck with me here in my pain, for better or worse must drive him insane 

Today another day I wish I was away, away from the pain of my everyday. Though I live in a place that people would love, all I feel is pain and I pray to above. I pray to above for a bit of reprieve, cause I’m locked in this body with no way to leave. 

It’s autoimmune they’ll remind me. Yes it sucks when at night your muscles twitch and weave. Yes we know you’re in pain, what meds can we give, what stretches, what counselling, to make life worth the live? But I know through experience from years on this road, there’s no silver lining just carry the load. 


For Desiree

#True story- Small acts of kindness

‘You don’t look twice’ when you’re able bodied. Your there, rushing to get to work, ‘pounding the pavement’ to catch that bus, or grabbing that coffee. It’s like a mental repertoire of the familiar as we journey through our everyday. You go into autopilot. Then things go ‘pear shaped’.

Here is insight from a working age woman reflecting on human kindness after her world was ‘turned upside down’ a few years ago.

I get around on a 4 wheel walker these days. It’s a proper ‘pain in the neck’. Wasn’t part of my 5 year plan! But ‘it is what it is’ and has taught me a thing or two about the human spirit.

These 3 small things mean the world to me.

  1. The power of a smile It’s the smile of someone walking past. They understand. It is a quiet acknowledgement. A kindness that needs no words. How delightful!
  2. Time I need to plan things to the minutest detail. I love it when people appreciate that there is no such thing as hurrying up. I need to live my life considered now, not ‘hitting the ground running’ like when I was a rep.
  3. Small acts of kindness It’s the person that holds the umbrella over your head even though there not going your way. The lady that hails down a cab for you because they know you can’t.

My world may be small these days but these things really put a ‘smile on my dial’.

For Desiree

Term phrase meaning

  • You dont look twice – you don’t have to think about it
  • Pounding the pavement – running
  • Pear shaped – don’t turn out like you think
  • Turned upside down- things happen out of your control
  • It is what it is – a common phrase. The way things are.
  • Pain in the neck – very annoying
  • Hit the ground running – common term used in team building. Means to do your best
  • Smile on my dial – make me happy

#Poetry – Young Amputee

When your riding your bike there’s a thing you just dread. Like some idiot in a car doing a u-turn ahead. Guess you can figure out what would come next. It when boom it went bang, I could have been dead.

Won’t speak of the pain cause I’ve blotted it out, but you can imagine I’ll bet that it gave a fair clout. I slammed into that car and they chopped off my leg, gave me a prosthesis to get around on instead. Still, it takes time and more time to reset your brain, so what sometimes comes next can be a real pain.

My leg is a phantom an illusion and all, such a phantom that sometimes I end up on the floor. That phantom’s a trickster and laughs at my plight, and waits ’til I take the fake off at night. These days I laugh too ’cause it was so long ago. You’d think my brain would remember it’s no longer go, go, go.


For Harry

Harry shared his story with me a couple of months ago. He was 25 when he had his motorbike accident. He would be in his late 30’s now. He lives near the beach in a small coastal town about 3 hours out of Sydney and has no trouble hanging out with his mates on the beach. Impressed that he can navigate that sand. Had to laugh along with him when he shared about falling over because he forgot to put his leg on. The guys a true inspiration. He really goes with the flow.