#Poetry – Barking Puppy

For dog lovers that might have a clue what to do. Can you save me cause I’m feeling blue.

My neighbours dog is small and yappy. He barks and barks I’m so not happy. In my apartment block of 84 I wish the owners would just shut the door.

I love the dogs in my pet friendly place. Most of them exist with oh such grace. Labs and Poodles, and cute Cavoodles, makes for a happy space.

Today I saw why puppy barks, he can see each dog as they go to the park. Is he jealous that they get out to play or just lonely cause mum and dad are away? 


My friends dogs were suffering from separation anxiety and would bark when they weren’t home. They had complaints from neighbours and the council. They ended up hiring a pet psychologist who provided them with some great strategies. It really worked. They even had a dog cam that would alert them when the dogs were barking. Some tips were to not get too emotional with them when you first get home from work. Don’t ‘gee them up’. How can we help my neighbours pooch be more settled?

Idiom or Phrase Meaning

  • Gee them up – This has originated in the horse racing circles. To urge forward and faster. In Australia you could use it to say something like “I was just trying to gee you up”. Meaning you wanted to see just how excited they would get. Gee-up originated from the U.K around the early 1700’s but can be tracked back to the 1500’s to Henry Gee. This is also where we get the word gee-gee’s from which means horse racing. Not sure when they added the word them to the phrase.

#Poetry – True Grit

Nan’s bones were so brittle, hard surfaces were her enemy. She moves with her walker with absolutely no symmetry. Nan reasons it’s safer to be home alone. It’s safe and secure her castle, her throne. 

Family and friends would visit and fear, that this sweet loving grandma that they all held so dear, was wasting away in her homely cocoon. She needs to get out and we think…soon. 

(Read fast) Let’s go to the park. Let’s set up a table. Let’s get grandma organised she’s still with it, still able. She’ll get to see kids run round and play. Let’s get her out, yes lets sort it today.

Nan watches in terror as the kids zip around. She fears for her footing which just isn’t that sound. But Nan bless her soul won’t show her fear. She smiles, is pleasant, as family is dear.


For Nan

We all have different lenses of how we see the world. It’s the same with family. Seniors share of their concerns with me of being out and about and how scary it can be for them sometimes. Noone would ever know.They are amazing. Such true grit.

Feature image photo by Edu Carvalho at Pexels – Woman Standing Near Yellow Petalled Flower https://www.pexels.com/@educarvalho

#Poetry – Sea full of bloggers

Blogger dear blogger please listen to me cause we’re all shouting out “come look at me”. Your hard thought out writing can get lost at sea, a sea full of bloggers looking for that key.

Feature Image photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

Cause to read and comprehend your blog takes me ages. I feel like I’m reading your thesis, it goes on for pages! Now you may have some niche I should seek to learn more, but when you won’t get to the point it is such a bore. So keep it short or link it through I earnestly implore, please give me the space to choose what to explore.


I’m guilty of writing long blogs too. I don’t mind reading a long blog but if you don’t have me interested in the first couple of paragraphs why not put a read more in. That way we can choose to continue reading. I like reading John Manders johnmanders.wordspress.com post on Egyptology at the moment. He mixes it up with some quirky illustrations along the way.  

#Poetry – Poetry hack

I ain’t a poet and I know it cause I dont know all the rules. I read today that come what may it makes me look a fool.

Cause rhymes have rules and syllables and rhythm is the key. You can’t force words into your prose cause that’s just treachery.

But I’ve got the ‘abab’ rhyme scheme down pat it can’t be that damned hard.  Just want to get it happening for my next greeting card. 

It seems to me that all these rules might just be snobbery. I guess I’m just a poetry hack…and that’s just fine by me.

Artists like Monet were seen as hacks in France back in the day. Their art not seen as good enough their work just couldn’t stay.

Still I’ll research all I need to know rather than be a fool, then once I get the facts downpat then I’ll know this fool is cool.



This photo is taken from the NSW Art Gallery. I like that it shows traditional art in a separate room to more contemporary work. My undergraduate studies were in fine arts. I was fascinated to hear the story of the Salon de Refuse in France back in the late 1800’s where many artists like Cezanne and Manet protested to Napolean Bonaparte. Their art had been rejected as they were untraditional and didn’t follow the rules.

#Poetry – It’s So Hot

Photo by Athena on Pexels.com

Strong memories flood back of lightening strikes and storms, when there was no air-conditioning and sweltering was the norm.  I remember being small and watching tar melt on the road, as I’d peer through the heat haze and slap on sunscreen by the loads.

So here we are again today it just topped 104 degrees, I wish I had an air-con or a fan on so I could breathe. My feet are now so swollen and my hands are just so hot, can’t risk opening up the windows or it’ll be a hotter spot.

Tonight I wish I’d dream of cool air upon my face, but suspect I’ll toss and turn due to it’s hot relentless pace. Tomorrow I’ll look with tired eyes for this heatwave to ease, and open up the window for a cool refreshing breeze. 


This weekend is very hot. While Sydney can get hot that doesn’t mean that everyone has an air-conditioner. Most people flock to the beach, pool or other swimming hole to stay cool. With the pandemic the carpark at Bondi Beach was closed by mid morning as they didn’t want too many people at the beach. So I think that there are those, just like me, that shut their windows tight, put on a fan, and stayed inside drinking plenty of water. Yes, summers just a few days away!

#Poetry – Tree of hugs and kisses

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Shopping for Christmas presents this year seems just a bit insane, but I was at the shopping centre so that made it sound more tame. I know it’s not December but I thought about it alot. Clean hands and masks are essential in case you had forgot. 

So I scouted round for presents but nothing hit the spot, so thought I’d get creative and give it another shot. Cause I’m thinking the greatest present that I would like to see, is a tree with hugs and kisses hand sanitized for free. Free for all that want to get a hug and kiss this time of year. Hugs and kisses we all can get without the need to fear.



Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels – Woman Wearing Brown Jacket – 2020

#Poetry – Diving off the pier

The water is lapping against the shore as a boat or two goes cruising by. Kids dive bomb into the water as they launch themselves into the sky.

You worry the tide’s not high enough that they’ll hurt themselves when they do, but instead they climb up the ladder with a laugh and giggle or two.

And on the shore us adults peer earnestly for a cry, they may not be our own kids but our community stands by.


Pirrama Park is on Sydney Harbour to the west side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
It is a treelined family friendly park with barbeques and a boardwalk. The area is one of the most densely populated suburbs with high-rise apartments all around as they take in the harbour views. That makes this park a great space for kids to get out and about in the sunshine and play.

Pier at Pirrama Park on Sydney Harbour


  • Giggle – type of laugh usually heard in children
  • Dive bomb – dive to get the maximum splash. Most kids start diving and then curl themselves up into a ball. They bend their legs up high, wrap their arms around their legs, and pull their head in before they hit the water.
  • Tide – High tide is when the water is deepest. Low tide is when there isn’t as much.
  • Peer – to look very hard for something

#Poetry – Kids at the park

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Kids playing soccer and shouting out when they score. It’s good to distract me from my weekend chores. 

Kids playing handball over chalk on the path. They just pressure cleaned it last week so I had to have a laugh.

Kids running around the tree and squealing out with glee. It’s just a sunny Saturday at a park next to me.

Suns going down now so off they go, to eat and sleep and learn and grow.


#Poetry – Cusp of summer

Photo by Larry Snickers on Pexels.com

(with ausio) I love a good summer it’s a signature event. We watch Bondi Rescue and hang near the air vent. It’s an Australian way of life much like barbies and beer, but on the cusp of summer you may well need to fear. Cause there’s nothing reliable when you’re in this space. One day hot then it’s cold. It’s all over the place. You pack up the doona given it’s November and all, and then shiver and shake as you walk up the hall.

Now don’t get me wrong cause we’re getting well prepared, the sunnies are out and no thought has been spared. We’ve checked that the beach gear is right to go, and the weather more reliable…shouldn’t be a mo. Day light saving kicks in so a bit of a lurk, you can go for a swim once you get home from work. In the meantime have that brollie and doona at hand, cause you don’t know what’s coming…in this great southern land.

This is todays little rhyme. On the cusp of summer Sydney goes through these topsy turvy days. One week with icy blasts from the south pole, thunder storms, rain. Today it’s hot and humid with a warm wind.

Photo of Bondi Beach by Larry Snickers from PexelsPeople Running in to the Water

#Poetry – Squeals of delight

Park with Purple Jacarandas – 2020 – Dee Grant

A short little ditti for a warm sunny day. With squeals of delight the kids are at play.

Cute kids and puppies are out on display. They’re saying hello and it’s such a great day.

Woof woof woof and a bark bark bark. It’s all happening in our green leafy park.

Some prancing around to say “come look at me”, are those sweet little pooches with furry pedigrees.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little rhyme, cause our green leafy park is worth taking the time.