Birthday Invite – Spin until You’re Dizzy

You're welcome to my party, I'd love to see you there
With games to play and songs to sing and birthday cake to share
Spin until you're dizzy til the world spins round and round 
Or drink a glass of fizzy and giggle to the ground

Getting excited for my big day. Hope to see you there.

Lots of love



This is the first in a series of templates I am creating for greeting cards and invites.

Photo by Chrofit the man to call on at Pexels

#Poetry – Fishing Rod Races

The fish may not be biting but bored they’ll never be, cause they’re running on the boardwalk right there in front of me. 

Are they fishing rods or horses cause they seem to gallop on, pounding the boardwalk with their playful cheery song.

Boys with cheeky grins, with rods extended out. They run the race, reach the end, and turn themselves about. 

With slower pace these thoroughbreds wander back to fish. They bait their hooks, cast their lines. I know for what they wish!

I was walking along the boardwalk today. It was overcast but I was struck by the playfulness of a few boys that had come down with their dad to fish. Fishing with dad as a kid I know it can be ages before you get even a nibble. Great to see these boys were mixing up their day with this odd race along the boardwalk. It was hilarious!

Photo by Mau00ebl BALLAND on

#Poetry – Diving off the pier

The water is lapping against the shore as a boat or two goes cruising by. Kids dive bomb into the water as they launch themselves into the sky.

You worry the tide’s not high enough that they’ll hurt themselves when they do, but instead they climb up the ladder with a laugh and giggle or two.

And on the shore us adults peer earnestly for a cry, they may not be our own kids but our community stands by.


Pirrama Park is on Sydney Harbour to the west side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
It is a treelined family friendly park with barbeques and a boardwalk. The area is one of the most densely populated suburbs with high-rise apartments all around as they take in the harbour views. That makes this park a great space for kids to get out and about in the sunshine and play.

Pier at Pirrama Park on Sydney Harbour


  • Giggle – type of laugh usually heard in children
  • Dive bomb – dive to get the maximum splash. Most kids start diving and then curl themselves up into a ball. They bend their legs up high, wrap their arms around their legs, and pull their head in before they hit the water.
  • Tide – High tide is when the water is deepest. Low tide is when there isn’t as much.
  • Peer – to look very hard for something

#Poetry – Kids at the park

Photo by Lukas on

Kids playing soccer and shouting out when they score. It’s good to distract me from my weekend chores. 

Kids playing handball over chalk on the path. They just pressure cleaned it last week so I had to have a laugh.

Kids running around the tree and squealing out with glee. It’s just a sunny Saturday at a park next to me.

Suns going down now so off they go, to eat and sleep and learn and grow.


#Poetry – Squeals of delight

Park with Purple Jacarandas – 2020 – Dee Grant

A short little ditti for a warm sunny day. With squeals of delight the kids are at play.

Cute kids and puppies are out on display. They’re saying hello and it’s such a great day.

Woof woof woof and a bark bark bark. It’s all happening in our green leafy park.

Some prancing around to say “come look at me”, are those sweet little pooches with furry pedigrees.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little rhyme, cause our green leafy park is worth taking the time.