On the Tube – by Charlotte Smith

Today my young guest rhymer, Charlotte Smith, shares the things she enjoyed on her recent summer holiday.

As the seagulls squalk, and the pelicans soar, the dolphins swim and the sharks are seen no more

As the dingos roar and the boats go rumble, we go on the tube and take a tumble.

I’ve done a few flips, I’ve had a few flops, but never will I ever forget this awesome shot.


#Poetry – Spell of the harbour

We’re paddling our boat along the water glistening. In sparkling shades of white and blue I hear the harbour listening. 

Our laughter mixes on the breeze and joins each splash of oar, as the harbour listens to our tales that echo to the shore.

Picnics greet us round the bend with trees so lush and green. Still the harbour listens. Each picture paints a scene.

Along the shore past piers and parks, cicada’s chirping loudly. Our final clip the Harbour Bridge it greets us oh so proudly.

Exhausted now we moor our boat and bid a fond farewell. We won’t resist another trip it has us in her spell.


Sydney Harbour looking west from Lady Macquarie’s Chair