#truestory – Sloppy sailors knot

I’d brought the boat around and dropped anchor on the beach. I swear I turned my back just for a second and  ‘blow me down’ the boat fair drifts away. Thought I had it firmly anchored.

We all watched from the beach in dismay. There it is drifting away. Drifting toward what looks like a mega cruiser. “Oh sh**t! That don’t look good”, I thought to myself.

Kneejerk reaction

I went straight into autopilot. My mind was reeling as I worked out the best way to tackle it. “You’ve got this”, I thought to myself as I launched myself into the water. Did you?

OK ‘false bravado’ aside I really thought I had it covered. I could make the distance. I’d grab the anchor rope when I got there and haul myself up onto the boat. Keys were in it. Just had to swim hard to get there in time. What could possibly go wrong?

Best laid plans

Making decisions ‘in the heat of the moment’ probably wasn’t the best option cause I was totally ‘slammed’ by the time I got to the boat. I’d made the distance. It was ‘hard yakka’ but ‘you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do’.

When it dawned on me that the rope with the anchor just wasn’t there I was dumbfounded. I could ‘feel the penny drop’ into the ‘pit of my stomach’ as I realised that I’d have to go back. Would I make it? “Mmm”, I thought to myself. “Maybe my best laid plans might have been done a bit better. Back I go…

Life is precious

When I felt my wife’s crooked arm settling under my chin to rescue me I knew I would never live the experience down.

Looking back now I think to myself, “Seriously, you’ve got this have you mate? ’cause the last time I looked it was ‘no lean, mean, fighting machine’ staring back at in the mirror! It’s been a while since you ran your last marathon… LOL like that ever happened?!#$*”.

Now my mates may ‘have a go’ and admonish me on sloppy sailors knots but the truth is it was a close call. Things could well have gone ‘pear shaped’. 

For Steve. Glad you and the boat made it back in one piece

Phrase or saying

  1. Blow me down – (UK) suprised
  2. False bravado – (Italian) talking about how can do something even if you can’t
  3. In the heat of the moment – (UK) say or do something without thinking
  4. I was slammed – Exhausted
  5. Hard yakka – (Australia 1840’s) Work hard from indigenous word but I think it was made popular in the last 30 years as there was a catchy advertisement on mens workwear.
  6. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do – (UK) do what is necessary
  7. Feel the penny drop – (UK 1939) it made sense. Oxford English Dictionary says it refers to penny in the slot machines and an article written in the Daily Mirror in 1939.
  8. Pit if my stomach – (UK) Where you feel nervousness or excitement deep deep down
  9. No lean, mean, fighting machine – (USA 1970’s)
  10. Have a go – Have a go in Australia can have a range of meanings. In this instance it means to tease someone.
  11. Pear shaped – (UK) to go wrong or to fail badly