Your painted voice signals through millenia

Your art has travelled the globe yet you wouldn’t know. You are long gone in history yet your voice lives on. 

I hum a tune and imagine you there with your paints and easel. I imagine you contemplating with your hand on your chin. Then your skilled hand caresses the canvas. With a laden brush you apply paint and a masterpiece is born.

If only you knew how your work has traversed through time. Your painted voice signals through millenia.

Today I become lost in the chambers of the art gallery as art blends and my heart soars. Thank you for creating a masterpiece that continues on.

#Art – Disorganised Motif

This is an attempt at putting photo’s of my art in the one place. I went old school. You will laugh when you see the disorganised mess I made of things. But I got there in the end. 

The amount of art work is significant and spans some 30 years.

I started at the back putting in works from my art college days

Choosing the portfolio type

I imported a portfolio from the U.K for this. The ones available in Australia just weren’t what I wanted. They were set up for scrapbooking. Instead, the one I chose was black and square. It had a ribbon so that I could tie it all together. Once all the photo’s were in it got rather bulky.

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