#art – Sometimes it is better to keep things black and white

I got stuck into daily doodles as lockdown had me forgetting what day of the week it was. I love their randomness. I don’t need to worry about how they come out. I date stamp each one.

Now as keen doodlers are probably aware a true doodle is an absentminded creation. Best ones I find are done when talking on the phone. Mine get a bit intricate. I do them large and there is alot of shading.

But after many large doodles I thought I would try to take a couple to the next level and colour them. I couldn’t  believe how it brought me undone.

For some reason when I colour my pen and ink drawings with colour pencil they just lose whatever it was I saw in them. Maybe cause they are no longer random. They lose that meditative state.

I am so sad about it. Unlike paint, when you commit to a colour in pencil on paper you are stuck on the course. Try to erase it? Don’t bother. It just wrecks the tooth of the paper. The colour never quite comes off.

At least I documented it on my phone in black and white first.

Your painted voice signals through millenia

Your art has travelled the globe yet you wouldn’t know. You are long gone in history yet your voice lives on. 

I hum a tune and imagine you there with your paints and easel. I imagine you contemplating with your hand on your chin. Then your skilled hand caresses the canvas. With a laden brush you apply paint and a masterpiece is born.

If only you knew how your work has traversed through time. Your painted voice signals through millenia.

Today I become lost in the chambers of the art gallery as art blends and my heart soars. Thank you for creating a masterpiece that continues on.


#Art – Disorganised Motif

This is an attempt at putting photo’s of my art in the one place. I went old school. You will laugh when you see the disorganised mess I made of things. But I got there in the end. 

The amount of art work is significant and spans some 30 years.

I started at the back putting in works from my art college days

Choosing the portfolio type

I imported a portfolio from the U.K for this. The ones available in Australia just weren’t what I wanted. They were set up for scrapbooking. Instead, the one I chose was black and square. It had a ribbon so that I could tie it all together. Once all the photo’s were in it got rather bulky.

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