Shout out thank you

I just want to do a big shout out thank you to all those Pexels Free Photos and Google Photos people who submit pics that we all can use free of charge.  In this time of celebration I want to thank you for providing brilliant creations to make my stories pop. Always remember awesome photos can make people click on your story.

Special mention for 2021 to;

  • Photo by Pixabay on for your juke box photo
  • Photo by Fiona Art on for bright and colourful abstracts
  • Photo by Daria Rem on for her goofy guy walking up the street with snorkels and flippers. Hilarious!
  • Photo by Jacob Kelvin.J on
  • Photo by Jack Geoghegan on for his close up of a dog shaking off water. That really set the mood for that poem
  • Photo by cottonbro on who could forget the pic of being covid safe wearing a plastic box over your head…How fitting
  • Photo by Chrofit the man to call on at Pexels a little girl blowing out candles on her birthday cake
  • Photo by Bruno Cantuária from Pexels for closeups of bright old fashioned phones

Photo by Daria Rem on

Lens-Artists Challenge # 128 – Here Comes the Holiday Season

Christmas in Australia has always been about holidays, sunscreen, and bushfires. Summer holidays seem to go hand in hand with bushfires.

Fires last year were so fierce they gained international attention. A year or so before that we packed up the car for fires had reach our suburb on the outskirts of the city. We lived near the bush.

Australian trees regenerate and germinate after fire

What most people don’t know is that our trees naturally regenerate. Their blackened trunks after a couple of months begin to sprout leaves. It’s pretty weird but they actually germinate through fire.

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