Bloganuary 26 – Laughter is the Best Medicine

My quirky sense of humour. It never ceases to amaze me. It’s not everyones cup of tea. I love observational comedy.

I went to a comedy night for new comedians a while back. There was the usual guff with swearing or sexual innuendo. Not interesting.

Then one that stood out. She had me rolling round the floor laughing. “Oh my goodness”, I think to myself. “How refreshing. She is so on the same page”.

She’s speaking descriptively, and practically, about having trouble getting in and out of a toilet cubicle. So innocent and so descriptive. I could see the whole scenario playing out in my minds eye. Tears were flowing down my face. I was screaming with laughter so hard I almost wet my pants. 


Girls, we have all been there. It celebrates a personal appreciation of all those times you lined up. Lining up for the ladies toilets when your’e busting to go. Or when you were pregnant and that beautiful belly presses right on your bladder…gotta go gotta go.

Day 26 – Favourite part about yourself

Bloganuary 25 – Test the water

Jumping into the pool can be risky but if you have already tested the water you can jump right in knowing exactly what to expect.

Know thy enemy and know thyself” – General Sun Tzu – Art of War

I love a bit of a laugh. It leaves you wide open though. 99% of the time things go swimmingly. It’s that 1% where your soft underbelly is exposed.

You know what I mean. It’s that person with a hidden agenda. You welcome them into your world no questions asked. When you realise they are not what they seem you kick yourself that you didn’t see it sooner. That’s no fun.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing the truth of a situation makes me feel strong. I am practical. I get annoyed when I see people trying to pull a fast one. Really? Don’t insult my intelligence! There is no doormat at this address.

Wow! I sound just like my father. I guess he never suffered fools.

Day 25 Write about something
that makes you feel strong

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Bloganuary 24 – Redback Spider nightmare

My arm was in a fibreglass cast. Something was moving round in there. I could feel it. What was it? Gross…I had to tear it off!

I pulled it quickly off. It was a bunch of redbacks spiders. Some were really big and others were small. I was dancing around the kitchen floor and freaking out throwing them off. I was making sure I hadn’t been bitten and stamping out a few in the floor as I searched for the fly spray. 

Odd dream? Not really. I get the association.

I used to live on a farm. Red back spiders always managed to get into places they didn’t belong. They are highly venomous. They can easily kill a child and can make an adult extremely sick. As such I have a respectful fear of Redback spiders.

Truth is this dream was me worried about catching Covid. I had been very stressed the day before with the locally rising numbers. Worried to the stage that I had cancelled my plans to attend a big birthday party in the city. It was just too risky. My partner went though.

So when I woke up and went into the kitchen I bypassed the flyspray in the cupboard. I grabbed disinfectant spray instead. I covered the floor and cabinets with it. Better safe than sorry.

Ok, maybe a tad paranoid and I laugh about it now but at the time I felt the urgency to follow my gut instinct.

Day 24 – A dream you remember

Bloganuary 23 – Interview a Fictional Character

Your character in the movie Shrek comes across as someone with an axe to grind.

An axe to grind? Oh leave me alone. I eat people like you for breakfast, no axe required. Blame the writer. I do.

Who starts a scene with me taking a dump in the loo?

In 2002 the film Shrek won the first ever animated feature Oscar. What are your thoughts?

Didn’t really care if it won. I just wanted my swamp back. Though I think the beauty of the film was that it had a bit of sarcasm and dry wit thrown in there for good measure. I mean who starts an opening scene with me taking a dump in the loo?

Truth is there was something there for the whole family along with alot of fairytale creatures you know and love.

Fairytale creatures you know and love
3 blind mice

Well a great movie. You did a heck of a job. Thanks Shrek for taking the time to speak with me today.

Bloganuary 22 – Looney Tunes “That’s all folks”

“That’s all Folks” – The quote is fun. Not too serious. It reminds me of being a kid and watching Looney Tunes on telly. It used to be at the end of every Looney show.

Yes back to a time of innocence. I watched them in black and white. Loved characters like Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian, Wiley Coyote, Road Runner. Heaps of skits for hours of entertainment.

I mean if your time was up this clip would be a quirky way to sign off. Thanks Walt Disney. You were a legend.

Day 22 Favourite Quote and Why

Bloganuary 21 – Save her life

Day 21 – What year would you time travel to and why?

I lost a school friend in a house fire back in 2003. We had lost contact at the time so I was a bit gobsmacked when I heard the news. Her brother shared with me that they thought the fire was deliberately lit. It was tragic. She was there with her two children. One child suffered burns and smoke inhalation, and other escaped unharmed. 

The last time I caught up with her was when she and her father sold bonsais at the markets in Sydney. Now I watch from a distance via Facebook and see her kids all grown up. Her daughter is now a paramedic. My friend would have been so proud.

Maybe by going back in time to that night we could know exactly what happened and avert this horrible tragedy.

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Bloganuary 20 – Favourite photo ever taken

I love this pic cause of the story around it. We had just moved to the city. The city skyline looked awesome for someone who had relocated from the burbs.

In the city there is always change. Each week I would count the cranes I could see from my balcony. Then one went in across the street and with it the hallmarks of construction. It was noisy and it was dusty.

Then one morning I was up at the crack of dawn. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The most amazing sunrise. The ICON LCD sign clearly beams out from the silhouette of the crane. Definitely one of my favourites. A moment frozen in time.