About Art and Idioms

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My site has 4 areas of interest; local lingo, art, rhyme, and narrative.

Local Lingo – In Australia we use such a broad combination of odd phrases we don’t even realise we are using them. Combine that with our use of Australian slang, and our accent, can make things confusing if you haven’t been brought up here. I am not focused on regurgitating slang that you might find on the website for holidaymakers. I relate like a Sydneysider. My mix is just tried and true phrases that I’ve used as part of my everyday life for years. So each time you see inverted single commas around a phrase bingo! that’s the cue. Scroll down for the definition.

Art – Art has been my passion over many years. From a family of creatives I enjoy the arts and qualified as a teacher in the late 1990’s. I studied under the likes of artists Deborah Porch, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Mike Parr, and Graham Marchant as an undergraduate. Prior studies were in academic drawing and colour and design principles at college in the 1980’s.  

Rhyme – My focus is on the everyday. I listen to people, hear their stories and create a rhyme around them. Others are my own observations of the everyday, or describe what a phrase or idiom means. I like rhymes as they help with memory.

True Stories – I create stories that describe true and local, often everyday adventures. Some are retrospective, others reflect on a recent event. My creative diary is full of flavour with a list of definitions at the end to help with deciphering key phrases. Sometimes an audio clip.

I’m Dee, welcome to my site.

  • Mudgee, NSW
  • Port Stephens, NSW