I’ve always moonlighted as an artist and writer. It’s a passion. I’ve taught art to great teens. I’ve sold art and have been a part of many amazing exhibitions with some great local artists.

Yet this site originally focused on narrative. The focus? To highlight phrases and sayings Sydneysiders use as part of their daily conversation. I loved creating writing based on the everyday stories I hear from people. Sourcing the origins of phrases we use is so interesting. I feel like I am sifting through history.

My readers like short grabs of information. They are poets and writers of diverse backgrounds and interests. They are artists and hobbyists exploring the online world. Others want snapshots of different articles of value to creative thinking.

I hope you enjoy my world as I explore the everyday. From short reads and poems, to takeaways from article reviews, there is always something bubbling away.

I’m Dezzie, welcome to my site.