Why bother with the dreaded decaf?


Years ago I started as a new manager at a firm I’d been working with. I started having panic attacks all the time. My heart was irregular or racing. I felt terrible. Terrible that I wasn’t getting my head around my new role. That I was letting it get to me. I couldn’t sleep I was so stressed all the time. I rocked up to the local doctor. I was surprised with the advice.

Do you drink coffee? What type of coffee? Is it percolated? How many coffees a day do you have?

Yeah it sounds a bit dumb now cause I get the gist in hindsight but I was a bit bewildered with his questioning at the time. I’m having panic attacks. I’m struggling with my new role. I don’t know what to do and you’re asking me about the type of coffee I drink?! Sure though, I actually wouldn’t mind one now that I come to think of it.

“Lay off the coffee. Do these meditation classes, and come back and see me in a month”

Within a week I was a new person. I’d never heard of caffeine overdose but if you’re sensitive it can really mess you about.

I love being social so dreaded the journey to decaf. It’s a bit like drinking no alcohol beer. Looks the same but where’s the buzz? Gave it the flip for years. So as I am on a sabbatical presently I thought I’d remind myself why I bother with decaf coffee.

“when the word “decaf” is mentioned amongst coffee lovers, it’s as if the world might end”.


Health benefits of decaf coffee – based on science – Dan Simm 2022

Here are my 10 takeaways. I liked that it touched on some of the issues I’ve personally experienced.

  • Improve sleep
  • Lower anxiety
  • Less acidic so better for people who suffer from heartburn or GERD
  • Less of a stimulant so better for people with family history of heart problems
  • Like regular coffee it may help type 2 diabetes
  • Has antioxidants but slightly less than regular caffeine due to extraction process
  • Your doctor may recommend it
  • Water processing method is a chemical free way to remove the caffeine
  • Can get rid of the jitters
  • Can be better on your mood in the long run as gets rid of the need for caffeine

Dezzie 2022

The barista told me

2 thoughts on “Why bother with the dreaded decaf?

  1. Yeah it’s life changing and the best part is the great decaf available out there. If I have a coffee now…well you’ll know. And the impact is immediate and can last for over 24hours. Now I can get the joy of sipping my “cap” without the pain of the caffeine high.

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