I am not a Bot

You are my raw deal. You bump me out of your verification process like a bot yet again til nostalgia bites. I remember diaries with pen and ink. A stable story. Like a tangled web you leave me gridlocked at the gate.

I cannot shoot you down or copy your skin on a typewriter. My words come out like a wet washcloth dripping letters across the floor. Destroying all sense of logic as I madly scramble to save each line.

Drowning in puddles my world starts shrieking into your digital maelstrom. In I go. Remind me why? Remind me why but you can’t. You’re too busy with algorithms that pony to your tale.

Dezzie 2022

Frustrated. I updated my email password yesterday. Big mistake. I am so locked out. Advised it was incorrect. I tried again and still not in. I know the golden rule of three so went ‘forgot password’. It sends me a verification number to my phone and the second to the email I am trying to get into. Aaaargh! Just read now that I will have to wait 24 hours before I can try again. What is worse is now my phone is doing the same thing. How do you resolve a Google 2 part verification process. I just want to bring back pen and ink at the moment.

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