Table for 6

“Stop stuffing your face. There’s plenty to go around”. But as I said it I had to laugh. It was like it hadn’t occurred to him that his table etiquette wasn’t quite up to speed. That startled look was to die for. Poor bloke was like a fish out of water. You could almost see the penny dropping as he takes an almighty gulp and gently puts what’s left back on his plate. I almost burst out laughing.

Josh, he’s a good mate and I always wondered why he was still single. I thought it was because he was a bit of a player. Maybe not. But I could talk. My track record wasn’t anything to write home about either. I’ve had dates cancel on the same day.

“Yeah, look who’s calling the kettle black Marty. These things always make me nervous and you know how I’m a foodie. But you my friend…don’t you have anything else besides jeans and a t-shirt? It’s not pool comp night at the local pub. If you wanna score…Just saying”.

We’ve been living with a bunch of other blokes out west for so long I hadn’t really paid attention to the niceties of prim and proper city folk. Tell you the truth it never even occurred to me that we needed to scrub up. Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong. Never seem to get past coffee dates.

Blind dates. They are a minefield at the best of times. When Josh floated the Table for 6 idea I was a bit dubious at first. It was organised by an online dating site. When he kept banging on about it I started to warm up to the idea. Truth is there comes a point where you get sick of going down the pub each week and meeting the same old same old, so yeah I gave in.


“Josh, remember that episode from The IT crowd where Jen invites Roy and the other two dudes to her place for a dinner party? It was a nightmare”. IT Crowd – The Dinner Party

“Bloody hell Marty you watch too much damned TV. It’s just one night out. What’s the worst that could happen? Just get with the program. The others will be here any minute”.

And then there were 4

Awkward. Polite conversation. The tediousness of it all where you just want to check your watch to see when you can bail.

Table for 6

My date. She rocks up a half hour late with her friend. Awkward, wearing high heels that you can tell don’t come naturally to her. The smell of sunscreen makes you think of the beach. Hair not quite dry. “Here we go”, I think to myself. “Are you ready mate”?

“Sorry we’re late. The traffic was ridiculous” she says with a grin as she plops herself down. She nonchalantly dusts off sand from her face, pours herself some bubbly, and introduces herself to everyone. She exudes confidence. Wow. So what started out as four people awkwardly meeting over pizza quickly turns into more like six catching up as they share of their adventures travelling the world. The surfer girl. She’s was the life of the party.


Dezzie 2022

Thanks PT Wyant for the Flash Fiction challenge. Wednesday Words #384 (5/4/2022) Prompt for today; Characters: three couples who have never met. Setting: a pizza party hosted by an unknown person

So with this story the three couples are actually 3 sets of friends hooking up for one of those prearranged dating events. I wanted to pull out some of the things I saw back when I was dating. There’s the person that eats with their mouth open. The bad dresser. The person that is always late. The life of the party. Then there’s the cringe factor at the idea of blind dates. Awkward conversations from people that don’t know each other.


  • Life of the party – full of life and knows how to entertain to make a party fun
  • Like a fish out of water – person in unfamiliar territory
  • Look who’s calling the kettle black – you can’t criticise cause your not perfect yourself
  • Same old same old – predictable
  • Scrub up – make an effort to look good
  • See the penny drop – a person finally realises what you mean
  • Wasn’t anything to write home about – pretty ordinary

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