Know Yourself


My sister does my head in sometimes laments a friend. She keeps telling me I’m an extravert. Don’t label me. I know who I am. If I’m such an extravert then why do I like my own space so much?

“Biologically, part of what helps shape someone’s personality is the way their brain reacts to dopamine, the neurotransmitter that fires off during moments associated with pleasure and reward. Extroverts tend to have much more active dopamine systems compared to ambiverts and introverts”.

– Booker (Cornell University)

Know Yourself

It was Socrates that said ”know thyself”. To get rid of the frustration of people putting you into boxes maybe doing a bit of personality profiling could help. I thought I’d try to really knuckle down on where I sit in Jungs continuum. Maybe my friend will check it out too.

People think I’m an Extravert. I love to mingle at social events but love my own space too. So I assessed myself online from a quiz in a TED talk to see where I am on Jung’s personality continuum. I came up almost bang in the middle. Not an Extravert not an Introvert. They call people in the middle an Ambivert.

The term has been around for yonks. Getting trendier over the last 6-7 years. Here it is in a nutshell.

  • 1923 Carl Jung came up with the Introvert/Extravert personality spectrum.
  • 1923 American Psychologist Edmund Conklin publishes an article with the word Ambivert to describe people not on the extremes of Jung’s spectrum.
  • 1927 Social Scientist Kimball Young starts using the term.

The Review

An Ambivert Is The Hybrid Car Of Personality Types, According To Experts – Emily Becker, WomensHealth Magazine, 6 May 2022

The article I’m grabbing takeaways from is a mainstream magazine for a change. I picked it cause the article was only published yesterday. It’s a bit ad heavy and unrelated news items are splattered throughout the article but it’s easy to read otherwise. Also has professional research in the mix.

This is the gist of the 10 points the article covers off. I think they speak for themselves so I haven’t gone into it as much as I normally would.

  1. Happy to go out for dinner read a book or paint
  2. Can get fatigued by juggling the different extremes – when experiencing too much of either side the imbalance causes them to feel depleted
  3. Not the life of the party but not a wallflower
  4. Make a good sales rep – can pitch to customers and listen to their needs
  5. Your friends don’t know if your an introvert or extravert
  6. Not bothered by noisy crowds or their own company
  7. Feel like you have good social skills but won’t pull an allnighter
  8. Like deep conversations for a bit of the time
  9. Perceptive – can pick up on things and respond intellectually and emotionally
  10. Don’t feel like an introvert or extravert

“…because of their extroverted side, people often think ambiverts are fully extroverts, … leaving friends confused when an ambivert needs to take a break with their quieter side”.

Love how the article equates Ambiverts to a hybrid car. Now my friend always said that she was more of a Lamborghini when we were young and fancy free. These days I think she’d be chuffed to know she’s hanging out with a Hybrid.

Well, I hope this gives you a bit of data to understand the Ambivert way. I’ve added the TED talk questionnaire I used to get my score in case you wanted to give it a go and see where you are on Jungs personality continuum.

Dezzie 2022

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