Hiatus Photography – Baiting the Hook

On the 18th April the First cruise ship returned to Sydney after more than two years . I see the ship there docked in all its glory but I’m focused on a fisherman on the opposite side of the harbour.

Baiting the Hook – Dee Grant 2022

A lone fisherman baiting his hook. I can hear him thinking. “Weathers great. Could be raining for the next few weeks so I’ll just keep on fishing”!

Now back to the cruise ship.

I remember when she came into the harbour and the fanfare that ensued. It felt like we had turned a page back to a sense of normality but we all know things are not the same.

For sale and for lease signs are on shop windows as businesses shut their doors. Staffing shortages as baby boomers and Gen X decide that maybe now is the time to retire. You don’t know what’s around the corner. Weird times.

Hope he caught some 🐟 fish.

Dezzie 2022

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