Linking Gravatar to Instagram

Can I just say I’m rather chuffed this evening. I finally figured out how to link my Instagram. On the second attempt.

I originally used the widget in my post. What that did was to show a heap of my Instagram photos at the bottom of my post. Very distracting. I was after something a little more discrete.

With my second attempt I added the Instagram URL to my Gravatar profile. Thank you Dr Google. I went down to Profile links and added the Instagram URL link for one of my Instagram accounts. Much better. The name isn’t Dezzie but it is my work. An old account and current handle is not available.

Dezzies photography can be found on Instagram

Now time to go through my Hiatus Photography and put them in the one place.

Have a great week.

Dezzie 2022

Sunflower – Dee Grant 2008

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