My shifting gaze sends staccato images of Cubist paintings looking for a home. Your poisoned laughter greets me. Poison of my balance you taint each twist and turn. You laugh as you scrub my eyelids with your tune and cause my body to dance to your sadistic beat.

Remove me from your playlist and if not then let carpet greet me not concrete. Let the softness of their surfaces bring kindness to my heart. Let the fear of falling soon depart. May the kindness of strangers resurrect my head until all semblance of vertigo is torn to shreds.

Dezzie 2022

I had concussion last year and this can result in crystals dislodging into your inner ear. Not a pleasant experience but it is what it is. It can be a nightmare on your balance. You go to lay down and your eyes go from side to side like crazy. You can lose your balance just from looking the wrong way when you turn your head slightly. At least these days it can be corrected by a vestibular physiotherapist. Not an exacting science. It can take a few goes to get it right. A third visit due this week. Right now it is way better than has been over the last 6 months.

(close up) – Nude Descending a Staircase – Dee Grant 2006

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4 thoughts on “Vertigo

    • Thank you. It’s distressing that’s for sure. I had the BPPV procedure done 4 times last year with no results. Vestibular Physio this time around. A huge difference. Thanks for reading. 😀


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