Hiatus Art – Green Street Cafe

Green Street Cafe – Dee Grant 1997

Many years ago in the 90’s I met at the Green Steet Cafe with 4 artists. We were starting our journey. We had started doing improv painting at alternate live music events. It was such a rush. The world was full of adventure and opportunity. We just needed to find our niche. It was all happening.

This painting is all that is left of those days. A snapshot in time. The music venue closed down. The cafe did too. We all went our separate ways.

There it sits on my kitchen wall above the kettle. Unframed but dearly loved. I sip my tea and remember.

This work is in oils. It is using a spatula. It is a painting that is so different from my usual body of work. Good times. Great memories.

Dezzie 2022

art, Dee Grant art, nostalgia,

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