Nature Retreat

Lucy was stuffed. Not like an animal at the museum stuffed, but literally exhausted. 

“That hike was amazing” she thinks to herself,  “the views, the steps, the distance. So stunning”.

She feels the build up of lactic acid in her legs and wonders how much of a burn it would give off tonight. They are seriously throbbing.

“Should have eaten more carbs last night”.

Sweat beads on her forehead. Her t-shirt is seriously sticking to her body. If she could just catch her breath.

“Seriously, I could do with a good massage. Ah, maybe a dayspa would fit the bill even better” she thinks to herself laughing. 

She visualises herself there, hair in a towel, glistening. Like a movie star you might see at the Hamptons resplendent in a robe. Lounging around with those cucumber slices over her eyes and an aromatherapy body wrap.

“I think you’re dreaming girl. That retreat you signed up for doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a country club. Spell out the word N A T U R E Retreat. The only wrap you’ll be getting will be some vegan wrap for tomorrows hike”.

Then a smell drifts up her nostrils.

“What’s that smell”? It reeks to high heaven. “Well sweetheart that would be your sweaty armpits! Think it’s time you got with the program and twigged to exactly where you are and what you’ve been doing the last few days”.

Lucy breathes a sigh, pulls off the sweaty T and stinky socks from her sore feet, and grabs an eco shower.

“C…c…cold. Back to nature indeed, and you paid how much for this little junket? Just one more day and your done”. She forces a grin on her face as she dries herself off.

But you know how they say that good things come to those that wait? Morning arrives and a fresh burst of positivity. Refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes her way she ventures out.

As she falls over the bridge with the bungie strap attached she wonders how she could have ever faulted this adventure. Nothing could get any more exhilarating. Such a rush.

“Mmmm…I’ll be back

Dezzie 2022


Thanks PT Wyant for the Wednesday Words #382 (4/20/2022) Flash Fiction challenge. Prompt for today a massage, sore feet, a fall

Photo by Baskin Creative Studios on

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