Kettle or Jug?

Jug – D Grant

When I was growing up Mum would say “can you put on the jug sweetheart”. So I was surprised the other day when my friend didn’t know what I meant.

I pointed to the jug. She said “that’s not a jug that’s a kettle”.

So you hear me bang on about all these different phrases and sayings that the locals in Australia say. This one caught me by surprise. Yes it is true that people in Australia call a kettle a jug. Well, we actually use the terms interchangeably. When I think of a kettle I think of something that is heated on the stove.

Aaah a bit of trivia for you. I believe the Kiwi’s say the same.

This charcoal and pastel sketch of a jug was drawn in my kitchen. I like these simple sketches. They may not be accurate but there is a freshness in them that I love. This one is on A3 size paper.

Dezzie 2022

  • Bang on – Talk alot
  • Kiwi – Affectionate name for people from New Zealand. If you are from Australia you usually would get called Skippy or Skip (Based on a TV show back in the 70’s about a kangaroo called Skippy).
  • Put on the jug – Boil some water

art, sayings, sketch, Dee Grant art

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