Snapping up a Job

There’s such a shortage of workers in Sydney at the moment. People in the hospitality industry are being snapped up like there’s no tomorrow. There’s no loyalty. I’ve seen some staff headhunted by other restaurants cause they’re so desperate. Money’s a great tool for negotiating. That means a win for the little guy. Guess all the people with their 457 visas aren’t here in Australia to pick up the slack due to Covid restrictions.

I finished school last year but I wanted to have a gap year before hitting the books at uni. So to get mum off my back I applied for three different jobs in hospitality. I got interviews for all of them. Easy peasy. I was pretty stoked with myself. But by the time I got around to getting back to them they were gone. “Strewth mate”, I thought to myself, “you really need to strike while the iron’s hot, you slacker“. For some reason I thought jobs would just fall into my lap. Not just that but I could get a job that would get me a bucket load of money. I chuckle to myself, “Man you must be dreaming”.

So I settled for the next best best thing, agency work. I rang around to see if I could just fall into something. I scored something straight off the bat. I was wrapped. Not sure of the industry but they said to wear a suit and rock up at the agency. Seems some bloke was off crook after coming down with a dreaded lurgy, So I grabbed the gig like there was no tomorrow.

I got myself looking pretty spiffy before I headed off to that interview. I don’t scrub up to badly, just ask mum. But you know what they say, Murphy’s Law. Cause whatever could go wrong on the day did go wrong. After filling up at the servo  it starts raining cats and dogs. I had the brolly so no dramas. I still looked awesome. Well, that was until some bright spark comes flying around the corner flat chat in their old bomb. The water flew up murky and brown and covered me from head to toe.

So much for the suit…but did I get the job? Damn right I did. Turning up looking like a drowned rat made them see that I must have really wanted the job…or that they were so desperate they were happy to turn a blind eye to it.

Dezzie 2022

This story goes into what is going on in Sydney at the moment due to Covid. We have a shortage of workers in hospitality. Workers are getting headhunted. The rain has been bucketing down for weeks so just seems logical to blend these events together. The young man is based on a son of a friend. He wasn’t slack. He took one of the 3 jobs and is really enjoying his role.


  • a win for the little guy – a win for the working class
  • brolly – (1870’s) umbrella
  • bucket load of money – lots of money
  • coming down with a dreaded lurgy – (UK 1900’s) sick with a cold or virus
  • crook (1900s, Australia/NZ)- sick
  • don’t scrub up so badly – (UK ) look good
  • easy peasy – (UK 1950’s) easy (Full saying is easy peasy lemon squeezy. From ad in the UK on dishwashing liquid)
  • fall into something – (UK) start something you didn’t expect
  • flat chat – (Australia) very fast
  • get someone off your back (UK) – get people to stop hassling you
  • headhunted – try to take other peoples personnel (Originally about cutting off peoples heads)
  • hitting the books – (US/Australia 1900’s) studying
  • if something can go wrong it will go wrong – (USA 1940’s) Murphys Law, coined by Captain Edward A Murphy
  • just fall in my lap (UK 1900’s) Just happen easily
  • just fall into something – something (like a job) is there that you can get easily
  • like a drowned rat – (Latin 200 AD) very wet
  • like there was no tomorrow – (UK 1900’s) quickly
  • no dramas – (Australia) no problem
  • old bomb -(1950’s) A car that probably shouldn’t be on the road cause it is such a wreck
  • pick up the slack – (1700’s) fill in (originally was to to with ropes on a sail boat)
  • raining cats and dogs – (UK 1700’s)raining heavy
  • rock up – (UK) showed up
  • servo – (Australia) service station/gas station (The shortening of service station)
  • snapped up – (UK) buy quickly
  • spiffy – (USA) smart looking
  • stoked – (USA 1900s) happy (originally California surfer slang)
  • some bright spark – (UK) said sarcastically here. Not that bright.
  • straight off the bat – (USA 1900’s) straight away (Originally thought to have come from baseball)
  • strewth – (UK) surprise or shock
  • strike while the irons hot – (Europe 1500’s) grab an opportunity (Originally refers to blacksmithing )
  • turn a blind eye – (Denmark, 1800’s) ignore (To do with Horatio Nelson putting his damaged eye to his eyeglass while retreating at sea according to
  • wrapped – (Australia 1960’s) happy
  • you slacker – (UK 1700’s) lazy, have no work ethic (Originally relates to labourer protest where they worked slowly according to Wiki)
  • 457 visas – Australian working visa for tourists
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4 thoughts on “Snapping up a Job

  1. An interesting story, and down here in Geelong there have staffing shortages in our hospitality industry too .. that you Dezzie for following blog/website, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings. Cheers. Ivor, Geelong, Vic ..

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