Weird words

My first computer was a 486. They’d be worth a bomb now! it was before the days of Windows and Google. You had to do a programming course to understand it. It was kinda funny cause even when you typed in a command you had time to go and make yourself a cup of tea. It was so slow. There was no Internet or email.

Then in dribbled weird words to describe what computers did. Normal words that had been around forever took on new contexts. Words you needed to remember weren’t about spiders or rodents or hanging at the beach.

  • Surfing
  • Mouse
  • Web
  • Windows
  • Trolls

It’s weird the way some words came into being for the computer and just stuck. You would think they would have gone for words that were unique.

I guess other words and sayings often come from something completely different originally. I wrote about headhunting today. Noone got decapitated though.

  • To pass with flying colours from around the 1500’s was to do with flags being flown on tall ships. Now it means you did well.
  • To put things into the too hard basket’ was from the 1700’s all to do with bread that was too hard. Now it just means difficult.
  • But this one from yesterday raised my eyebrows, from the 1800’s pipe dreams was all to do with smoking opium and hallucinating. Now it just means unattainable or fanciful.
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