Lamp of Your Creation

You were hiding, looking, scoping. Dipping your toe into the water with uncertainty. Looking for answers without understanding the question. You listened to the piper as he shared pipe dreams. Come poet, come writer, artist and songster. Embrace the lamp of your own creation.

(You started out unsure how to go about doing things. You listened to marketers (the piper) on what you should expect. You believed their story. When things didn’t turn out how they said you felt a bit ripped off, like you had been conned. I just want to encourage you. Put aside what they promise. Embrace your unique creativity)

Life’s opera begins in silent awakening. With curtains drawn you’re thrown through blinding light as your opening act begins. Burgeoning onto the stage yet unprepared and unpredictable. Swimming in spotlights of uncertainty. Embrace your strengths. Embrace your failures. When lines are lost – Learn. When lines lack depth – Change. When wavering falsetto lurks where soprano truly lives – Grow.

(Being online may start out in silence. You have noone giving you feedback hence ‘life’s opera begins in silent awakening’. You begin to flourish in what you share but really you’re a bit all over the place. Your still uncertain of your plan of action and whether anyone is interested. I think this is where alot of us tend to lose heart. I know I spent a few months on Instagram. Just cause you don’t have it sorted don’t give up. ‘Swimming in spotlights of uncertainty’ allows us to recognise that we will have strengths and weaknesses but if we stick at them we can really learn. I think this space is a steep learning curve. It takes time. You learn your craft. You tweak your posts and, if you stay the course, you grow into the uniqueness that is you.)

For a Winged Moon of creativity stands hollering, howling to be heard. When the world feels pain share words of distraction. When you see beauty showcase its splendour. Share songs of hope, lament and condolence. Don’t hide your lamp under a bushel.

(Our creativity can change our world, our universe. Even if our world is based in works of fiction. Your fiction may be the floating cities of tomorrow. It wants to be heard. Creativity is a gift that can bring so much to the table. It can help a broken heart. Build bridges of understanding. Can even make us laugh at silly things that can happen in our lives. Don’t hide your gift but develop it to reach its full potential.)

(The Winged Moon was designed to filter energon and keep Cybertron healthy (The Transformers).

Dezzie 2022

Sometimes I get so caught up in the moment I fail to realise that others may not think through my eyes. I mean what the heck does an opening night at the opera have to do with creativity howling at the moon. I’m a visual person. My poems can sometimes get full of symbolism.

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