Wisdom of Your Ways

You look the same without your smile kindred spirit. You shine. Heart kind and gentle. Your cherished soul flows true and brightens my horizon with its soft glow.

A road long traversed. The broken dreams of yesteryear land softly by your side. Time has soothed the sting of missed opportunities. You have seen the length of days and have let go of their sadness. Wisdom is your mantle.

I’m amazed how you meet each challenge with knowledge and grace. You look to me with a warm heart and dust your fingers through my hair. You smile with voice and twinkling eyes. Advise with knowledge and candour. You give me strength.

For you the earth whispers. Let your gentle breeze calm my jaded heart with its tune. Enlighten my heart with your wise words. May the mystery of life unfurl like a lotus flower and bring solace to this wearied traveller. Show me your way.

Dezzie 2022

They are someone that you look up to. It is almost like they know you like the back of their hand. You can feel their welcoming smile even if they are a phone call away. They just have that presence about them. They have walked life’s journey through the good and the bad. You know that their advice is full of wisdom.

Photo by W W on Pexels.com

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