How to work with the Categories widget

Last week I used the Archive widget found in WordPress and added it to my Home page. This week the focus is Categories. The aim? To spruce up my website with better functionality. Here’s how I did it.

Navigating Categories was a little less straight forward than the Archives widget for me. I have more Categories than I can poke a stick at. That’s what I get for coming in cold when putting my site together in the first place! Time to fix it.

History of my site and things I wish I had realised

When I first came across Categories it was accidental. I was trying to upload my Feature image. It was so easy to select the Add Category so I did. This is what I ended up with;

  • art
  • challenge
  • narrative
  • news
  • photography
  • poetry
  • rhyme
  • rhymes
  • sayings or phrases
  • short story

What a mouthful. Time to consolidate. I’ve just done a couple today. This is how I did it.

Here’s how I worked through it

  1. I made a dummy draft.
  2. Add block button. (You know the + sign that comes up when you hover your mouse on the screen.)
  3. Select Browse all. (On my screen only about 6 show up. Browse All is underneath those.)
  4. Scroll down to the Widgets group. It’s the 4th group down just after Design.
  5. Select Categories (it’s the one after Calendar)

As you can see by the list above I had 10 categories. I started with the obvious ones I don’t really need. I got rid of Rhymes and Rhyme. They’re all poetry. I unclicked Rhyme/s and selected Poetry instead…remembering to save as I go. They are still live.

Making it Tidy

  1. Select Categories and then save draft.
  2. Select Preview.
  3. In you Preview screen click on the Category you want to get rid of and see what posts you have in there.
  4. Write out a list of what they are. (this is so you can tick them off as you go)
  5. Select each post and unselect the Category you no longer want it in, making sure that each post still has a category to call home. (i.e Rhymes is now under Poetry)


While still in the preview page I clicked on Rhymes. There were 12 sitting under this category. I wrote out a list of them. I systematically opened each one and changed the category, always remembering to update the file as I go. They are still live afterall. I ticked them off my list and then refreshed my draft. If done properly then the category called Rhymes disappears from the list.

Not finished yet so there will be a few of my Hiatus blogs coming out from this neck of the woods.

Once the list is down to around half I will add the widget for Categories onto my Home page.

Happy blogging.


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