Dezzies Archive

Today I celebrate the adding of an archive page to Dezzies Place. It’s about time! From humble beginnings back in 2020 I initially focused on phrases and sayings Sydneysiders use as part of their daily conversation. Of course the content has broadened over the years. From art to poetry. From narrative to reviews.

Thank you to the poets that reached out in the early days when I had few followers. We all know what it’s like when you don’t think anyone is out there.

It’s so cool to see what everyone has been writing about on their journey.

Jumping into Bloganuary in January this year was pure pleasure. What a great initiative. They challenged all participants to write outside their comfort zone. That really got the creative juices churning!

Well it’s been a heck of a journey so far and I look forward to the next lot of adventures with you all. Happy blogging everyone!

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