Yellow Raincoats

Tinted rain sends sonic sounds and whispers through the bird drenched lullaby of the bush. The wet drips. Drips in muted glory. Reflecting light, dispelling light. Each tinted drop tumbles to the ground in playful gesture. Softly landing.

Yellow raincoats appear with glistening skin and plastered hair. Ruddy cheeks. Cheeky cherubs in the rain exploring.

Look mummy a dam!

Gouged mud and sticks saturate the playground of muddied waters. A dam, a pathway, a journey to another time. You smile.
Memories of a childhood before sealed roads.

Dezzie 2022

When writing this I was sitting looking out at the rain pelting down. The hibiscus leaves, laden with water, were twisting under the weight of the water and sending reflections as they caught the light. Quite meditative. It made me think back to being a kid. There we would be outside our family home donned in our yellow raincoats. The delights of an unsealed dirt road had us kneeling down in the mud making dams and river courses.

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short read, poetry,prose

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