Fact or fiction?


The review today is a You Tube clip about how manipulation is used in the media. Truth has shifted to showbusiness until everything just blends together.

I have living memory of how news was shared back in the day. It had you walking away and deliberating on a story. You weren’t told what you should think. It was about knowing they had given all the facts. You established where you sat on an issue based on these facts. Those days are gone.



  • We are now flooded with breaking news
  • Increased demand for illusion.
  • About grabbing attention and stimulating our senses.
  • News must sell otherwise 1000’s of people will be out of work.
  • All subject matter presented in a showbusiness way on TV even the tough stuff.

With TV on the way out and the Internet the latest it’s easy to see how they feed into each other.


  • With blogging the incentive is to capture your audience.
  • There can be a dark side to this.
  • Even if it’s not true whatever sells the most clicks or views is the goal.
  • Some manipulate and sell sensationalism.

Fact or fiction

Some bloggers go to great lengths to get clicks and views. They find out what people are complaining about at the moment. That is their angle. As their blog trends upwards mainstream might pick up on it. If mainstream media don’t check the quality it ends up going out to millions of people as fact rather than fiction.

What can I do?

My thoughts? Quality content in my blogs would be a good first step. Being bothered to differentiate between fact and fiction a second. Time to delete my browsing history? Would it make any difference? Probably not. Though understanding this article makes me see things in a new light. I need to be aware and not just take things on face value. Each thing I click, each program I watch, spin is probably behind it.

How the media manipulates you and me and itself in 9 minutes – Thought Monkey

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