Writing as Sanctuary

Sanctuary startled me. The rapid movement of aqua blue on crystal white. The movement of the city far removed. Talking echoes as a dog barks and the sound of cicadas stamp their step. 

You peer through the glare of noise like a Christmas tree where presents grace the floor. I don’t understand the words that you create. They are charismatic in voice and texture. 

For I couldn’t see the markings on the wall of your tent. Too true, too soon. like painted figures of yesteryear I did not relate. I sought your truth not understanding that my truth was but uncultured and remote in content. 

You give me substance.  Oh that half my words could compare to your strength.

Dezzie 2022

A contemplative albeit difficult to unpack piece. Sorry about that but it’s from the heart.

Tonight I was reading an article from the magazine called Creative Non Fiction. I only got a page or two down when I got a huge reality check.

The content had such clarity. Exactly what I had been seeking. His words were like presents under a tree. The thing is I have so much to learn about creative non fiction writing. What the author spoke really challenged me.

The Line Between Fact and Fiction – Roy Peter Clark

The Line Between Fact and Fiction

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One thought on “Writing as Sanctuary

  1. Pick up a copy of the Lie That Tells a Truth by John Dufresne. It’s for fiction writers, but the observations and even the exercises force you to examine a situation and build a scene with depth and clarity. Every facet, every word choice, tells a story. And makes a bigger story better.

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