Horse Lover

“Everybody’s working for the weekend”, I think to myself as I put all the equipment away. “One more hour then home to my horses”.

Up the freeway and over the bridge. The city gives way to country. It’s like two different worlds. Street lights disappear and stars dust the sky in all their splendor. The bush encases me with it its loamy aroma. I wind down the window and take a deep breath.

Welcome home!

They’re so funny. I’m sure they hear the gravel crunching under the tyres as my car makes it up the long drive. They’re always waiting for me. My beautiful horses.They greet with snorty hellos, tossing their manes as the cool night sends vapor billowing into the air.

Dezzie 2022

My physio lives on a small farm about an hour out of town. She loves her horses and loves it there. She once told me that once you love horses it is a love you have for the rest of your life. This is for her.

Photo by Pavel on

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