Fast forward


I thought I was being a tad eccentric to be bouncing through a movie or book. It has become a bit of a habit lately. Today I came across a kindred spirit.

 “I don’t watch linearly anymore; I often scrub back and forth to savor complex scenes or to skim over slow ones. In other words, I watch television like I read a book. I jump around. I re-read. Sometimes I speed up. Sometimes I slow down”.

Jeff Guo

Are you guilty of this simple pleasure? Are you watching things where all you seem to do is fast forward to the good bits. Some of the shows out these days are almost asking for it. I will even scroll through episode shorts to find the good bits if the plot is lame. You can always go back if you miss anything. Drives my husband nuts.

I love doing a review. This ones from the Washington Post. A long title but so interesting I have found a new way to watch TV, and it changes everything – Jeff Guo. You will savor how Jeff deconstructs the subject. How watching TV doesn’t need to be linear anymore. There is loads of history going way back to constructs around the purpose of reading in medieval times, referenced charts and diagrams. He provides a great space for critical thinking.

Kiss Goodbye to Linear TV


  1. efficient
  2. accelerated makes it more pleasurable
  3. you can appreciate the flow, plot and structure
  4. skim over scenes
  5. focus your attention where it is needed
  6. go back and forward as you please
  7. ability now to download software that can do this
  8. viewer now has control of the medium

I love that final point on my list. You get to be like a DJ scrubbing the sounds back and forward to get the grooves.

In this review I’ve only pulled out takeaways from top section of the article. It keeps things short and sweet. It’s a long read of around 20 pages on my computer. I’ll let you explore the rest. Worth it!

Dezzie 2022

I have found a new way to watch TV and it changes everything – Jeff Guo – Washington Post 22 Jun 2016

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