Doodling your way to better mental health


I love the read for today. All about the true benefits of doodling for mindfulness. Back in school you weren’t paying attention when you drew pictures…whack! You weren’t on task…please focus…whack. Oh how this has changed.

“The rhythmic and repetitive motion of drawing elicits what Harvard cardiologist Herbert Benson identified as the relaxation response. By synchronizing the hand and eye—thereby allowing the coordination of body and mind—doodling can become a calming and meditative experience”.

Forbes Magazine

Being Spontaneous.

  1. Do you have the capacity to let go and not be in control of every moment?
  2. If you are judging what you drew then it won’t be relaxing.
  3. If you think it’s a waste of time it probably is.
  4. I’ve heard it time and again when it comes to creativity. “I’m not artistic. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”. That isn’t what this is about. You are purposefully not doing things with the end in mind.

If you can get your head around these then I found these takeaways below make total sense. I like that it’s backed up scientifically.


  • If you find your focus drifting in a meeting or call, doodling can help you stay engaged.
  • Helps reduce the effects of stress.
  • Can help a racing mind.
  • Rhythmic and repetitive action helps your brain relax.
  • Hand eye coordination gives a calming meditative experience.
  • Quietens mental chatter in left side of your brain.
  • Increases creativity in right side of your brain.
  • Increases alpha waves in your brain.
  • Doodling while doing something else increases mental attention of primary task.
  • More affordable than therapy.
  • Good to use before starting a brainstorming session at work.

Dezzie 2022

To all my fellow doodlers. Loved through the best and worst of times for us aren’t they. So great to see doodling recognised for the value that it brings.

Doodling your way to better mental health – Kimberley Neumann – Forbes magazine, August 2021

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