Midst of Change

“…methods to encourage right-handedness, including tying the left arm behind the back and knuckle-raps for writing with the ‘wrong’ hand”. 


We are the lefties. We are a forgotten success story. Maybe you have heard of us. It wasn’t always a success story. I don’t even know who campaigned for change.

My introduction to primary school was memories of being constantly rapped over the knuckles by my third grade teacher. I was 7 years old. I would cry all the way home.

They then asked if my parents wanted the school to take action, to make the left right. My folks never signed off on that.

We were in the midst of change.

It was worse for my granddad. His hand was tied behind his back. His generation were not allowed work in a bank, or be school teachers. By the time he was an adult he was ambidextrous. Able to write with both hands.

I shared my story with a person today. They were shocked. To me that is a true sign of revolution. A time where people scratch their heads and say, “they did what?” A true paradigm shift. 

Dezzie 2022


A History of Left Handed Writing

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