Nanna Steps

I saw the steps you took. Deliberately unchanging. Practical shoes. You concentrate on legs and chairs and bumps and stairs.

Your trek is long and concentrated. Counting steps not metres. Your journey governed by your horizon as others rush past. A gutter. A ramp.

Uneven surfaces are your mountains. They challenge your brain with their uncertain surfaces.

Lift left, lift right. Nanna steps.

Dezzie 2022

Not baby steps! Nanna steps. The steps you take when you are elderly. This was spurred on by watching a senior having trouble walking on the weekend. It was a concrete walkway at the beach. Pine needles and sand made it hazardous. So much to focus on. She kept tripping up so was walking very slow with her walker.

With age, there is a natural loss of muscle mass that can lead to a loss of balance and coordination and affect the way you walk.

Mayo Clinic

Ageing and Unsteady Gait – Mayo Clinic

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4 thoughts on “Nanna Steps

  1. You appear to be a ‘people watcher’ like me. When I go to crowded places like Disney, sometimes I retreat to observe human behavior and genetics. I am fascinated with the similarities in families – gait, gestures, body type, mannerism, tone of voice etc. What an amazing world!

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