Brain Breaks for Creativity


Writers found inspiration in France in my last blog Inspired by Movies. This time it’s how brain breaks are important for creativity. It’s from a great article I was reading earlier in the pandemic. All about harnassing productivity, the incubation of ideas, avoiding burnout, and getting into good habits. The article is targeted toward people struggling with working from home. There are some great insights!

“When we try to focus for too long, our imaginations naturally tend to lock down, causing us to experience a ‘mental block'”

Chris Griffith 2020


  1. Boost Productivity – Get better results doing something in short sprints rather than all at once.
  2. Give yourself time to incubate ideas – Take time out to clear your mind. I love a movie snippet for context. For this its Men in Black 3 where they eat pie to get a solution Need Pie Scene. Totally ties in with this point and worth a watch.
  3. Avoid burnout – Compartmentalize your day. Give yourself a finish time. When you don’t put any boundaries you can get stressed and even burnout. Get away from your screen and give your eyes a break. Have a stretch.
  4. Encourages healthier habits – Good food, exercise, and sleep.

“Taking short periods of time out in between your tasks will not only keep you energised and motivated to work to the best of your ability, but it gives your brain the chance to develop and nurture your creative ideas”

I did a bit of soul searching with this article. Historically my writing habits come from bad habits I picked up writing essays at uni. Uni assignments were submitted down to the wire. I’d slog it out cause I didn’t want to lose my train of thought. The thing is by slogging it out meant I couldn’t think straight. Really stressful.

Should’ve had pie LOL.

Dezzie 2022

Griffiths, Chris (2020), Why taking brain breaks is important for creativity, Wellbeing People,

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