I’m Glad I was There

Another fit, another scare. This time my son collapses. Collapses on top of me. Phone calls. One after another. The family grapevine speculates. Calls for calm but my guts are churning. My nerves are on edge. There’s nothing more I can do. 

The ambulance is coming. 

I’m so glad I was there.

Being Dad

When he grew up and moved out of home I nervously felt like my job was done. He knew I had his back. If anything comes up we are only a phone call away. I question myself. Did we let go of the apron strings too soon? Did we cover off everything he might need? Did we prepare him for something like this? No. We never expected our son to have to go through this.

For when things went pear shaped he just wanted it to go away. In denial he walks back to bed thinking he can sleep things off. He heads back to bed only to have another fit and collapse. I’m so glad I was there.

My friends son was taken to hospital by ambulance today. His son had been having fits on and off over the last few weeks. He’s a good kid with his head screwed on right. The young man had started the ball rolling getting an MRI but was unable to see it through to fruition. He had put it in the too hard basket. When it came to getting results he really needed someone to show him the ropes. How to stick things out and then nip them in the bud. A nervous call from his housemate has my friend over there in a flash. It really show a parents love.


  • Let go of the apron strings – (U.K 1600’s) depend less on parents
  • Go pear shaped – (U.K 1900’s) to go wrong (parachuting)
  • Head screwed on right – (U.K 1800’s) sensible
  • Start the ball rolling – (Czech? 1200’s) make a start
  • See it through to fruition – (France, 1300’s) complete something successfully
  • In the too hard basket – (U.K 1700’s) considered too hard (originally relates to baked bread)
  • Show him the ropes – (U.K 1800’s?) teach or show someone how to do something (nautical ropes on a sailing ship)
  • Nip it in the bud – (U.K 1600’s) stop things getting any worse (botanical)
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

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