True blogger

(1 min) I’m a bad reader. I know why. Writing essays on educational epistemology. If you have been down this road then you remember having a dictionary on hand to unpack the details. Reading and rereading assignments to get your head around what the hell you are talking about. It’s fascinating to embrace this world but I’ve lost the joy of reading. Blogging has been a saviour!

Blogging has been a lifesaver.

I found joy in reading again. Blogs made that happen. I started my posts with up to 700 words. Now they’re less than half that. I like that. Writing words creatively to embrace a moment is so different from essays and reports. What a joy to discover a love of words again.

I needed to offload this. I have so much study under my belt yet can no longer enjoy a book. Watch me scanning and flipping pages of each book I read as I lose interest.

This article was inspired after reading a post earlier today by Audrey Driscoll when she asks at the end of her post;

“Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed these days? Or running out of blog ideas?”

Snips and Scraps

Thanks Audrey. You have inspired me.


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