Night Blogger

Tired. Bags greet her at the mirror. Yawn. She makes cereal in a bowl and almost faceplants. Can she exist on so little shut eye? She kicks herself. Coffee screams for attention! Coffee ignored as she justifies her actions.

“My best blogs are written at the crack of dawn. Free of distraction. There’s solitude. No prying eyes. It just needs a bit of tweaking, that’s all. I just need to pick the best night. Not a work day.”

If you’re reading this then I can almost hear the cheer squad on the sidelines. “Go for it! You’ve got this. You were on a roll”. Not the sandwich type mind you. Gotta strike while the iron’s hot!

And then reality.

Well your paying for it now old girl. Blog or no blog you can’t rock up to work looking like something the cat dragged in. Yawn. She peers closer in the mirror and wishes she had a dimmer switch on the bathroom light. “Oh, I look like s**t. She delicately pats on tinted face cream and is grateful that she wears glasses. Time for work.

Now where’s that coffee. ☕☕

Dezzie 2022

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  • Faceplant – (USA 2000’s) Land on your face. Used in skateboarding.
  • A little shut eye – (UK1890’s) Get some sleep.
  • Crack of dawn – (UK 1800’s) Early in the morning just as the sun is about to come up.
  • On a roll – (USA 1970’s) Having consecutive luck. Originates with gambling like when you roll a dice.
  • Gotta strike while the iron is hot – (UK 1500’s) take advantage of a situation while it is there. Originally referencing people who used a forge to do things.
  • Looking like something the cat dragged in – (USA 1920’s) look dishevelled

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