Overcoming Indecision


Are you overanalyzing? Creative juices at a stand still? I read a great article put together by Healthline called 5 Steps to Overcoming Indecision. Reading and appreciating the info has led to a creative flow of words once more. I am astounded. I woke this morning bubbling with flash fiction ideas. Goodbye writers block!

The mind has a tapestry of answers. It throws them all your way. You sail on the waves of a myriad of choices. Unable to decide on the simple things leaves your creativity paralyzed

Dezzie 2022


  1. Forget the fear – With a competitive mindset I get writer’s block. Pressure does not an artist make
  2. Tune into you emotions – Overanalyzing – Set a time limit on how much research you do – Choose between choices.
  3. Practice on the small stuff – Make little decisions every day
  4. Will it matter 10 years from now – Well this one speaks volumes
  5. Learn to trust yourself – Incorporate your strengths into decision making – None of us achieve perfection all the time.

My quest in researching my writers block really opened up a can of worms. I realized that I am my own worst enemy. I have to let go of the perfectionist part of me a little. In 10 years time will it matter if there was a typo? Plus, don’t listen to the chatter. I can’t go into writing wanting to please others. Make it water off a ducks back. By feeling pressure to perform better my pages remain blank as I reach for the perfect word.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

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