The Minibreak

It’s the start of the week on a dreary old night. They say it is summer but she wonders if it is if the weather is anything to go by. 

She snuggles under her doona dreaming of her next minibreak and then realises…Oh crap I haven’t booked the accommodation yet!

Leaving things to the last minute

It’s not a deep and thoughtful piece tonight. I am salvaging leftover accommodation. It’s 2 weeks before we head off for a couple of days.

All the good stuff is gone. What’s left is a bit if a worry. 

Minibreak is super mini

Minibreak is super mini now. I left it too late. One night only and midweek.


  • Reading by the pool Sorry closed due to Covid.
  • Breakfast at the hotel? Not at this difficult time.
  • No mention of ensuites in any of them. No bathrooms?  

Free Cancellation 

Keeping an eye on the cancellation terms. Joining hotel chains helped extend the free cancellation date before you plan on arriving. Just need to make sure I paid the extra to get it. 

Phew done! 

Good night readers. I’ll sort out the rest in the morning.

Dezzie 2022

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