Sydney Cycle Ride

It’s early morning when I leave. Quiet spaces. Cool and quiet. The rosy glow of morning light as yawning voices gather newspapers. I like this time. It echoes when a dog barks.

With helmet on I check my gears and listen as they rattle into place. The hum of distant traffic navigates my time. A predictable clock at the verge of the city. I look up. Has the rain abated? Should I take the risk? A pause.

Tyres stamp damp leaves as the dirt crackles and splatters through shallow puddles. Spitter spatter spitter spatter. Suspended rain so light it dances. My bike and I are now one, covered and glistening. We glide through mist and light at the harbour.

Damp surfaces and sweat bead up a hill. A change of gear as I round the bend. Then, with relief, the sun brightens the sky to greet me. I smile, heart pounding. Familiar terrain greets me. I am home.

Dezzie Grant 2022

Photo by Ben Mack on

Capturing the feel of a person cycling early in the morning around Sydney Harbour. There are always cyclists out and about here. There is a walk called the Bay Run that weaves its way around the harbour. They then experience a visual journey through The Rocks and across to the Sydney Opera House. You need to be up early though. Once peak hour hits there is too much traffic to navigate.

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